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Shawn Brady | Building on a Foundation of Family Values

How a person lives their life is a good indication of how they conduct themselves in business. People who know David Shawn Brady can tell you he is a good guy who treats everyone with respect. Shawn is kind-hearted and passionate about his work and his community.

Shawn was raised in Opelousas, LA, and grew up in the surrounding area. This region has always held a special place in his heart. The area's strong sense of community and the importance placed on family values were instrumental in formulating the values he lives by and passes on to others.

Shawn reflects on how his family played an essential role in his career path. "I had an uncle in the construction business in this area most of his life. Working with him as a young man allowed me to learn about the construction industry and get a first-hand view of a strong work ethic. After an extensive time working in the oilfield, I returned to be a part of the community and offer what I learned as a young man. I've always enjoyed working in construction when time allowed. I can remember as a teenager; we didn't hire a roofing company to change the roofs on family members' and friends' homes - my uncles and cousins got together and lit the barbeque pit on a Saturday morning. While the food was cooking, we worked to change out the roof system."

As a women's softball coach, Shawn's main objective is to positively impact the lives of his players and instill in them the values of teamwork and integrity. Shawn has been a fastpitch softball youth coach for the past four years. He was the assistant coach for the Diamond Express Travel Club, head coach for New Iberia Catholic Middle School, Head Coach for the Lafayette Christian Academy Middle School, and is currently the Head Coach of the Stars & Stripes 14u Travel Club.

Immersing himself in the role of youth coach gives Shawn a unique opportunity to make a difference in the development of his players. When asked about his role as a coach, Shawn replied, "It's my job to teach the young athletes that competing against the best players while doing something they love will help them later in life. I always say it's not if softball will end but when. And when that happens, we want them to be ready to go to job interviews after college and have the mindset that they can compete with anyone for anything and be successful."

Shawn adds, "Playing with integrity and being loyal to who you are, never allowing anyone to decide your outcome, whether it's playing softball are in life itself; you have to create your own identity. To be that person takes hard work on and off the field. It takes discipline and the ability to face adversity and push thru it while respecting others and being a team player. There is no I in team. No matter what you do in life, no one can be successful by doing it alone."

Shawn brings these values to his role as Franchise Co-Owner/Territory Manager at Southside Roofing. Shawn replied, " Southside Roofing brings to the Opelousas area, "Southside brings honesty and integrity to the region. We are a company that truly respects our clients. The people we serve are an extension of our family. They are our friends, and we always have their best interests at heart. I especially enjoy interactions with customers - helping them solve their problems or realize their visions."

Shawn continues, "When we inspect a roof and discover that major repairs are needed, we're honest with our clients and tell them the good, the bad, and the ugly up front. There is nothing hidden and no surprises once a job begins."

"Our goal is to have customers feel a sense of relief when they call our store and our team shows up at their homes. A roof system is a big and important investment. The roof over their head keeps their families safe and protects their possessions. Every homeowner should feel good about who they choose to repair or replace their roof. They should be able to sleep at night about their decision and know their contractor is experienced, licensed, and properly insured."

Shawn added, "Our customers feel at ease when they learn of the depth of experience our team has. Southside has been in business for many years, and we have multiple office locations. We are local, and we care about the people in the communities where we live and work. We handpick team members that share a strong sense of community and are involved in making lives better for our neighbors."

Outside of work and coaching, Shawn loves spending time with his family and friends. He is also involved in the horse racing industry and enjoys going to the horse races and watching his horses compete.

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