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Lafayette Home Improvement | Atrium Windows Partnership

Lafayette Home Improvement, LLC, the parent company of Southside Roofing, is pleased to announce its partnership with Atrium Windows. As a preferred dealer and installation specialist for Atrium products in the region, Southside offers its customers quality products from a company that shares our values for construction integrity and exceptional customer service.

Lafayette Home Improvement, LLC is the exclusive area dealer for Atrium's WeatherLok brand of windows. Designed with emphasis on performance, superior durability, excellent energy efficiency, and low maintenance, WeatherLok is a great choice for adding value to your home.

Evan Edmondson, Manager of Southside's home improvement division, has over thirty years in the construction business and points out the advantages for homeowners who select Atrium windows. "Atrium products are manufactured with functionality and durability in mind. The designs are also aesthetically pleasing and offer many material options for people interested in adding value to their homes. I've seen many products come and go in the industry, but Atrium has been around since 1947, and they are always upping their game to give homeowners superior products."

Over time, a home's windows can lose their integrity and become compromised and unsightly for a various reasons. Cracked or foggy windowpanes, leaky seals, worn-out springs, and algae build-up are common problems with older windows. Replacing these windows with Atrium products is a sure way to add value to a home and offers the additional benefit of enhanced energy efficiency.

"Atrium Windows are one of the best values a homeowner can find," adds Edmondson. "The superior construction offers tamperproof features not commonly found in other products. Safety is a big factor when a homeowner considers window replacement, and Atrium has stepped up their designs in response to consumer needs. The Atrium and WeatherLok business philosophies are a lot like ours in that they are driven by what's important to their clients."

If you're considering replacing the windows in your home, call Southside Roofing and Lafayette Home Improvement for a free estimate. We will schedule an appointment and give you a quote, and show you all of the options offered in the WeatherLok and Atrium Windows product lines. Give Evan a call at 337 766-3464 to schedule an appointment.

Visit the WeatherLok and Atrium Windows websites to see their entire line of products and learn about the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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